Cleveland, Oh. By Tom Stanley

Along we'll come to a city that bills itself as the "Rock n' Roll Capital of the World," a slogan corroborated by the intro music to The Drew Carey Show. It's Cleveland, and we hear it rocks.
As our route takes us southwest from Buffalo, our plan is to slide smoothly into town for a day to see the local sites. We can only spend one day and one night here, so we're in no-nonsense mode - we've got a lot to do and little time to do it in.

Of course, this problem becomes compounded by the fact that Cleveland is home to one specific destination for which all three of us have been chomping at the bit. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum awaits, with its ludicrously expansive array of musical memorabilia and (interesting) historical information. All three of us have agreed that this is one of the must-sees, a visit during which we'll scour every inch of the facility (restrooms included) and no doubt savor every euphonic moment.
But, of course, the longer we spend there, the less time we have to divvy up among the rest of the city, which is not exactly a one-horse town. Obviously we can't see everything, so we'll have to sift through our options and see which look like the biggest draws. Here's a look at the other spots here that will be vying for our attention.

-Blossom Music Center (at left)

-Great Lakes Science Center

-Cleveland Botanical Gardens

-Cleveland Museum of Natural History

-Great Lakes Brewing Company

-Progressive Field, formerly Jacobs Field

-West Side Farmer's Market

-Corned beef at Slyman's

-Cleveland Museum of Art (at right)

-Boneyard Beer Farm

-Photo op with the USS Cod

-Winking Lizard Tavern

-Deep-fried desserts at the Town Fryer

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