With the New Year and the general passage of time comes an uptick in announcement of events both near and far. As I've mentioned before, one of our top priorities during our little adventure is to find these events, be they single-night concerts, several-day festivals or what have you. Joey insists that we have to go to at least two festivals during the span of our venture, which is something I have a lot of difficulty arguing with.
But as I've mentioned, it's not the easiest task finding festivals that match up perfectly with both our route and our schedule, though both are still subject to very minor changes at this stage in the game. A testament to this comes in the form of Burning Man, a cultural and arts festival in Nevada that has built quite a reputation for itself. This year, Burning Man falls between August 31 and September 7, which just isn't going to fly for us. Our beginning and end dates are, as far as I'm concerned, pretty close to being set in stone, and our end date is about a day after Burning Man ends. We can't exactly cover the entire west coast in one day, y'see.

But we do have some assistance, and that comes in the form of the best festival-finding forum in the free world, courtesy of JamBase.com. JamBase has a festival guide that receives regular updates about events featuring many of the bands that we three travelers are so longing to see, sorted by date and region. It will be with the help of this fantastic beam of digital enlightenment that we will plunder our way to whatever we can find in the way of live music in great locales.
Thanks, Jambase. You're a true friend.

-Tom Stanley

1/14/2009 07:09:52 am

You really shouldn't miss Burning Man, it's worth re-routing your schedule for. Really.

You can even fly directly in and out of the event: http://www.advantageflight.com/specials.html


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