No, no, I'm not talking about what routes we're taking from one city to the next, or about who's driving the bulk of the trip, or anything like that. Your ability to navigate just got a lot better here at America in 100 Days, or at least marginally better, depending on which parts of the site you like to read.
I know I've been pushing the WWG section like it's fish that's hours away from spoiling. Believe you me, it is quite the opposite of that, my friend. If it were a fish, it'd be that marlin that the Old Man caught in Hemingway's book, but before it got all mangled and torn up on his way back. I mean like freshly caught marlin.
That marlin just got a little fresher. If you look at any of the writeups for our destinations this summer, they each now include a clever device at the bottom that allows you to navigate to the previous stop or the next stop on our route, eliminating any need to use the back button. God, I hate that back button.
Check out Philly's entry for an example. And join me in my boycott of the back button, by feasting on the freshest marlin you'll ever encounter.


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