This is one of those points that I'd really like to drive home. If you ever drum up the courage, money and free time to scamper off to a jam-band festival, chances are you'll stumble into one of the most pleasant atmospheres you've ever happened upon. For most of these people, this is their vacation - possibly their only vacation all year. The rules are loose, the music is perpetual and everyone is just so happy. Forget Disneyland, this is the happiest place on Earth.

To prove this, I watched the crowd from our blanket in the grass, and tried to get an accurate sample of the nearby population. Have a look.
While we may be approaching the end of the summer (and the optimal festival-going weather), it's not too late for you to drop everything you're doing and find one of these miraculous collections of smiling, carefree people. The best way to find them is the festival guide on Jambase, which can find a festival for you no matter where (in the U.S.) you live. I'd recommend you take a minute to browse through your region, or any region you'd care to visit, and then take a week off to make your life a little happier.


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