We met for one of our regular powwows on Sunday night, over good food and plenty of important topics. By a 2-1 vote, we've settled on this new, eye-pleasing site design, though Joey is convinced that he can figure out how to fiddle with the colors. I should probably make a backup copy, just in case of any potential Joey-related disasters.
Thanks to some fantastic feedback earlier in the week, we've altered our route to include one night in Pensacola, Fla., followed by a deeper look into the wonders of coastal Alabama with a day and night in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. We'll get around to looking into the specifics, but frankly, it would be wise for us to throw caution to the wind for a day and just enjoy ourselves in some genuinely unfamiliar territory.
We made a big discovery tonight, which I'm going to hold off on for a few days due to its great magnitude, its sheer power. It's too much for me to give proper acclaim to it after such a long night of planning. I can say that it has warranted a cut in some places - namely, Nebraska, Oklahoma and (gulp) Colorado. We're still left with four days in Denver and its surrounding area, so we should get a good taste during our visit.

But with that shakeup, we've also given ourselves some extra time at the tail end of the trip, which we've given to Olympic National Park. As the trip winds down, and we're within a week of our final stop in Portland, I can only imagine our brains will be so fried that we'll need all the nature we can get. If there's a place to come back down to Earth, this is it.
Look forward to a big announcement in the next few days, about a big event out in the Golden State of California. Until then, good night, and good luck.


Photo courtesy www.nps.gov/olym

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