So its been awhile since the last post but if you’re still out there checking in on us, and feeling curious, this is what we’ve been up to.
The boys quickly found an apartment and sent me an email with the application. They had completed task one: find a place to live. They began their job search in our new home while I worked from Massachusetts scouring the internets for job postings. Soon, Joey flew back east for his cousin’s wedding and I drove out to meet him. We headed back west together and three days later I stepped into our new apartment for the first time.

The job search intensified as the communal funding dried out but we were successful in completing task two: acquire gainful employment. I scored a job first as a teller with Chase Bank, Joey found a job in purchasing at a VOIP company from which he later quit over a moral conflict, and Tom found a job as a server at Pastini Pastaria downtown.

Birthdays were the next big events to cross our paths, Tom lead the way to the quarter century club on October 1st which we celebrated in style with meatloaf and cheesecake. My 25th came next and the boys surprised me with a trip to the Humane Society of Oregon to pick out a dog. We took home Delilah, a seven-year-old yellow lab mix who has been a wonderful (albeit hairy) addition to our apartment.

Joey didn’t get to spend his birthday in such joyous fashion, however, as news from home came of his stepbrother, Brock Choate’s death. Joey flew home and spent the Thanksgiving holiday with his family in mourning.

Joey came back and Tom flew out for Christmas. Joey and I spent a quiet Christmas in the crisp Portland sunlight. We had sent home webcams so we were able to see our families for awhile which was nice.

In February my parents flew out to Portland for a few days and then took me with them to a week long vacation on Oahu, Hawaii.

The lovely Bernadette visited a few times and Tom took her to see the sighs of our laid back city.

We went to several shows including Parliament Funkadelic, Furthur, Doug Benson, and an unbelievable showing of The Room, complete with a guest appearance by Tommy Wiseau himself. A highly watchable film, no doubt.

But most importantly and most recently we did the most impressive things of all - the last two days of our trip! We headed to Seattle, Washington first and followed that trip a few weekends later by camping in Olympic National Park. Look forward to us (finally) wrapping things up here with those posts.

Until next time America!