In perusing over our schedule, the more astute of you may have paused about halfway down the list and raised an eyebrow. We're spending just three days in New Orleans, two in Chicago, only one day in Miami... so what's so special about Detroit Lakes, MN that would lead us to spend five days and four nights here?

Ahh, a logo speaks a thousand words.

Yes, my friends, we've come to the decision that it's high time to schedule ourselves into a festival - a task that, as I've mentioned before, seems somewhat precarious if we're going to stick to a schedule or some semblance of one. But through some miraculous stroke of fortune, we're finding ourselves right around the Detroit Lakes, Mn. vicinity at just the right time. So we've agreed to take a little vacation within our summer-long vacation for some festival-going.

This annual festival, now in its seventh year, is put on in the quiet town of Detroit Lakes, on more than 600 acres of land and water known as the Soo Pass Ranch. Detroit Lakes is no metropolis by any stretch of the imagination, home to just over 8,000 residents during the non-summer months. But then July rolls around, and this festival brings thousands of happy hippies and their families cartwheeling into town.

As of this very early stage in the game, the lineup for the event has not yet been announced. But I have no doubts as to the caliber of the performers that will be on hand, based on the list of performers from last year's 10KLF. Among them were musical magicians such as Phil Lesh & Friends, the Mickey Hart Band, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and Dark Star Orchestra, to name a few. And all the while, the music comes to us from four, count 'em, four separate stages, with performers strategically placed on the basis of their following.

I haven't personally been fortunate enough to attend any gatherings such as this since summer 2007, when I made my last trip for Gratefulfest, at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Oh. I've missed the festival vibe quite a bit since then, for more than the experiences of camping out, eating from a cooler and savoring my time on the beautiful grounds.
It's the people. For a large portion of those in attendance, the 10,000 Lakes Festival will be their one and only summer vacation. And to spend that vacation among this spectacular scenery, with beautiful music and swarms of like-minded individuals on hand, is all that many people could ask for. Everyone is just so happy at festivals, so thrilled to be there with anyone and everyone around.

So put us down with a check mark - we'll be there with smiles on, and we'll even be expecting a mid-trip visit from my lovely girlfriend, Bernadette. And we highly encourage some more company from our friends. Take a gander at this video for a deeper look.

-Tom Stanley

All images courtesy 10,000 Lakes Festival and Musical Earth

1/15/2009 01:44:22 am

Bern is coming! Awesome.


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