Jeez oh man, we got a lot done today.
In the waning hours of my visit to Joey and Sarah's house, we talked our way through our itinerary between the three of us, city by city, and planned out what time we'd like to arrive in and leave each stop on our route.

In doing so, we got realistic about a few places along the way - most notably, Anaheim, Ca. Git outta here. I don't really know why we had it in there to start, besides for being the home of a baseball team that can't seem to figure out where it's from. In its stead, we're giving an extra day to California wine country, and possibly giving the time and attention to beautiful Sonoma Valley, pictured here.
By a 2 to 1 vote, we're definitely bigger beer lovers than we are oenophiles. But Sarah has more than once been known to enjoy a glass of vino here and there. Watch for her smile to grow three sizes during those sunny days in September.

Tonight we also purchased our tickets to the 10,000 Lakes Festival, which we'll meet with in Detroit Lakes, Mich. from July 22 until the morning of June 26. We bought not three, but four tickets, as we're all extremely excited for my beautiful girlfriend Bernadette to come out and meet us for the festival.
And to top it off, we had a record number of pageviews today. So to those of you who were following our live blogging today, thanks, and I hope you enjoyed our coverage of the day's activities. For those who didn't, today's posts aren't going anywhere.


(From top) Photo by Rick Bolen courtesy Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau; image courtesy 10,000 Lakes Festival and Musical Earth

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