The time is ticking onward at a breathtaking pace, as we've got a mere five months remaining before departure day, May 31. And as we get closer, our planning gets a little more detailed, a little more concrete every day. The next time the three of us meet, we'll be nailing down a tentative schedule of when we'll be where, which will weigh in greatly upon what we end up doing in those particular locales.
The new year is also a good time to step up our content on America in 100 Days. As Joey mentioned on New Year's Eve, it's almost standard practice for a site like ours to be updated on a daily basis.
This is not a goal out of our reach by any means. As I replied to Joey, once we're actually on the road, we'll be doing daily, sometimes more than once daily updates about where we are and what we've been seeing. These will come on the form of text posts like the ones we've had thus far, as well as slideshows of photos and, yes, even videos. Moreover, we've seen some recent activity from Joey and Sarah on the creative side, which I'd love to see more of.
For my part, I'm thinking of taking a big leap and forking over some cash for a new laptop. For the time being, all of my posts have been coming to you via someone else's computer - be it Joey's during a planning meeting, my girlfriend Bernadette's while she watches Top Chef, or what have you. I would be getting a lot more done if I had a computer at my side at pretty much all times. Once that expensive step has been taken, you can probably expect a burst of content on the site, often times in smaller, more frequent increments, I'm sure.
But at the same time, don't forget to check out Where We're Going, which continues to grow by leaps and bounds. And as the time progresses and dated events are announced, look forward to our itinerary growing by leaps and bounds.

-Tom Stanley

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