In the interest of eating healthy, having hot meals, saving money, and traveling faster, we have determined that cooking and eating on the fly will be a necessary project on the trip.  To that end, this morning I have completed a quick simple project to allow us to do just that.

Let me back up a little.  Since my last post having to do with the design of the transportation module that my ‘01 Nissan Xterra will become, I have acquired a computer car tray.  It attaches to the bolt of a car seat (right shot in below series) and has several adjustable pivot points with a tray on top.  This workspace is primarily so that we can update this site, but it will also double as a cooking area.  Also below are top and side views of the tray contraption.

In order to allow the Velcro straps to better secure the tray I marked and cut a few notches in the tray with my trusty serrated kitchen knife, pliers, and a nail file that Sarah provided.

After that it was just a matter of checking the notches to make sure no more work needed done and attaching the cigarette-lighter-powered pan (that’s right) to the tray with easily-removable electrical tape to keep it secure but still allow for removal and cleaning.

What do you think?


2/19/2009 04:33:53 am

it has been over an hour since your last post. i have 1.5 hours of work left. i need something to read. please. i beg of you. really enjoy the table-tray-pan combo.


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