With Orlando gone from our itinerary, we've given ourselves another day in the first half of the trip to play with. We've decided to give it to Shenandoah National Park, which you'll see at right.
One of the big days on our trip is the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is supposed to be among the most beautiful drives in the entire world. It starts in Shenandoah and lasts for what should be a full day of driving, if not more. By giving a day to the drive from Williamsport, Pa. to Shenandoah, we'll not only be able to give the Blue Ridge Parkway the attention it deserves, but we'll also be able to drop in and visit our alma mater, Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa.

And the plot thickens...


Photo by John F. Mitchell courtesy nps.gov

2/19/2009 06:01:23 am

From the what I have seen so far of the world, the BRP is about the prettiest drive I have ever been on with plenty of spots to pull over and enjoy the views.

2/19/2009 08:04:48 am

Visit the trestles.


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