D'oh! We did it again. While we were analyzing our Canyon Tour during the second half of our route, we made a frightening observation - that we'd omitted Yosemite National Park. Given the way we'd neglected Yellowstone until about a month ago, I think we could have planned our park visit a little from the outset.
No matter. We caught our snag and we've fixed it, at the cost of less time in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Salt Lake City has been cut to a half day, and Las Vegas to two nights and one day.
Yosemite is in California, but a considerable drive from the coastal route we'd originally intended to take from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. There's really no way to see this park without giving it a day of its own, and once again, we should probably be giving it more. But I reiterate, it's a good thing we caught it now, before we'd set anything deeper into stone.

Up next, dinner.


Photo courtesy pdphoto.org

2/19/2009 11:01:59 pm

Having been to all three, Yosemite, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City you definitely made a good choice. Short of the the ridiculous Mormons you're not going to miss anything in Salt Lake.

11/29/2009 12:53:12 pm

Yellowstone, along with Yosemite, are one of my favorite places on earth. They are breath taking beautiful in everyway.

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