Two Travelers  

We may be equidistant,                                                            
she and I,                                                                                 
from the beginning and end                                                      
of our once joined journeys;                                                     
each of us, now lives apart,                                                      
stalled at a comfortable place,                                                  
but frustrated and longing                                                         
to walk along the next road.                                                       

I have planned and saved with care                                           
and, weighing health against wealth
against enigmatic time,                                                             
linger here,                                                                               
responsibly waiting                                                                   
to walk once again in the                                                           
undiscovered lands of life;
whereas she, in reflection

has also planned and saved                                                     
then, disdainful of caution,                                                       
steps from shelter,                                                                   
knowing her beginning path                                                       
but not where it will take her,                                                     
captivated by dreams of                                                           
the winds of change on her face                                               
whispering of worlds unseen.

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