Thanks, everyone, for all your patience over the last few days. You may have been wondering, why in the world haven't the A100 folks been updating their site? Did they give up and drive home with their tails between their legs? Did their laptops all get stolen? Did they perish in a tragically romantic leap over a cliff in their car, a la Thelma and Louise?
No, none of those things happened. Instead, we've been frolicking around the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, Minn., for the 10,000 Lakes Festival. As such, our access to the internet was extremely limited - and yes, even we need a vacation.
So worry not, we're currently in the car and beginning the nine-hour drive across North Dakota and into Badlands National Park in South Dakota - giving us plenty of time to fill you in on what we were doing on day 35. Look for that to be up within the next hour or two.


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