Dear Mom,

I know you’re my biggest fan, so I hope that you didn’t chance upon this site lately.  We posted a list of destinations without Williamsport, PA on it.  I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me throughout my life, you are awesome in countless ways, and we were busy listing iconic cities and… well… while I refuse to lay any blame, I guess what it comes down to is that it is mostly Tom’s fault.

Anyway, it is not going to stand.  We are going to swing up there for a bit after Philadelphia or Pittsburgh to say hello, depending on how everything else falls into place.  I can’t wait to see you then.  And to make up for the oversight on our (Tom’s) part, I have decided to honor you in front of all of our Americain100days fans by posting a picture of you and your six point with the insides on the outside.

Love, Joey

Mary Salvucci Choate
1/16/2009 06:20:53 am

Way to hurt a girl's feeling.

Mary Salvucci Choate
1/16/2009 07:01:06 am

It would have been prudent to put the cropped picture of my deer on the internet, not the one with the
guts laying next to it.
I love you, Mom

1/21/2009 12:15:19 am

Prudent maybe, but not as funny.


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