We are getting to the stage of planning where cities and dates are nailed down enough that we can agree on attending events.  Over the next couple days we’ll order tickets or request passes for each of the bigger festivities that we’re hoping to attend.  As we do so, I’m hoping our current dates and times for each stop don’t get too shuffled.  They probably will to some degree, and as they do, we’ll be updating the schedule, which in turn will allow us to plan the next round of events.

The cycle—planning, reworking dates, and planning more—will continue until every stage of the trip is planned out, or we decide to allow ourselves the flexibility to plan on the spot (which we’ll probably do for national parks and some smaller cities.)  This seems to be the most workable process for planning a trip of this scale.

What’s my point?  The point is that we are in the part where we plan all of the biggest and most exciting events of our road trip!  I won’t reveal everything just yet, but here are a few things from the Southwest that we are looking for right now.  If you, like us, are from the northeast USA, think about how these three things might change your perspective of America:

-A Donkey Tour of the Grand Canyon
-A Rodeo
-A really, really big church service in the south

Stay tuned.


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