When my mom asked if I wanted to go to an antique fair with her friend Cyndie and her while I was home on vacation I thought it would be a great way to experience something I would never other wise do on my own. When I think of antiques I think of big old stuffy, dusty barn style houses filled with very expensive, very breakable, very old, very large stuff. This is what I was expecting to see when we arrived at Brimfield.

The antique fair was set up like any local fair, only without the rides. There were tents open on one side filled with stuff, there were long tables with bins full of things, there were lemonade and hot dog stands and places to sit to eat. What immediately surprised me as we parked the car in a field behind some of the tents were the people I saw milling around all of the stuff. I had it in my head that it would be an older more distinguished looking crowd. What I saw right off the bat were people that reminded me more of carnies than what I imagined an antique salesman would look like.

Everyone was very nice and the people selling the stuff were happy to talk all about what different things were and where they found them. I hadn’t thought I would be buying anything, instead I imagined following my mom and Cyndie around snapping occasional pictures of odd looking old stuff and experiencing a new part of America in preparation for my trip this summer. As it turns out I bought five records from a thirty- something man who was telling me about how he had just picked them up a day or so ago, and right after I picked up the records I ran into a young kid with a few lip piercings and wild blonde hair who had a small table filled with a random selection of Japanese things. What caught my eye was actually something for Joey, a set of two miso soup spoons. The kid told me he was in Japan visiting his cousin who was stationed over there when he found them.
Cyndie bought a whole set of dishes with a cute red flower design around each piece and my mom bought a few Blue Willow dishes to go with a set she is collecting for me to have in my later (less travel heavy) life. All in all the three of us went away happy ladies and I discovered a whole new side to antiquing I had never imagined before.  

Until next time America.


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