It took some effort to attack Carlsbad in the way we did - with little rest, coming straight from Austin, a full 8 1/2 hours away. But any malice I might have held toward Joey for his insistence on such a plan, quickly evaporated at the magnificent sight of the caverns here in Carlsbad - which, in case you didn't know, comprise the largest known cavern system in the entire western hemisphere. As always, I brought my camera - and soon returned to the car to retrieve my tripod. The results are below, beginning with our entrance and ending with our exit.
Other national parks have enticed me with their beauty, their grandeur, their ability to take a scene and turn it into something incredible. But this place was nothing short of other-worldly. It's not so quick to get there, no matter where you're coming from - but oh man, was it worth it. Hats off to Joey for insisting upon visiting this wonderful park.

9/11/2009 08:16:15 am

Hey guys, wondering if you have seen or heard about this place: Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals)

Check out this link--it really is otherworldly.

9/11/2009 10:48:00 am

When I get the chance, I am loving reading what you three have to say! Its like you write proofread and rewrite--flows nice all three of you. Joey, would have liked to hear your thoughts on the religion experience, but enjoyed Toms writing. I think come hell or high water, it would have gotten gram on your site! smile shan


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