We woke up in Adirondack Park and Tom and I decided to shower while Sarah prepared breakfast.  There was a short wait for the four showers at the camp’s small shower area, and the water was cold.  I have taken cold showers before: Sarah and I had taken an ice cold shower one morning in Bensalem when our hot water heater crapped out on us for a night.  This wasn’t as cold (probably halfway between room temperature and ice cold), but it certainly wasn’t pleasant after two nights of camping, mosquito bites, and none of the niceties that we are used to.  I showered.  Tom said he washed his hair first and then gave himself a “sponge bath.”
Sarah’s hot eggs were an amazing contrast to the shower.  Put in a tin bread baking pan with diced ham and last night’s onions and peppers and set by the fire, these culinary masterpieces were on par with the finest French cuisine (just like our meal the night before.)  Cheese sticks were wrapped in foil and placed next to the eggs in the fire.  Also excellent, and only one was burnt.

We packed up our trio of tents (including the big netted one that eventually saved us from the mosquitoes) and set off for a day with nothing in particular planned, left open for whatever we might encounter.  After two days in the wilderness, it was decided that blogging in an internet café or some other establishment would be the answer.  Tom found an internet Irish pub called Kitty Hoynes, Sarah and I quickly agreed and we were off.

Sarah ordered French onion soup but was brought cheddar bacon, proving once and for all that everything in life happens for a reason.  Tom got a traditional Irish Sausage, Bangers, with beans in tomato sauce, and mashed potatoes.  We all shared both things and about an hour of eating and blogging (and a round of their twenty (20) ounce “pints,” of course) later decided that I would order a Reuben - also excellent.

The cheers from the next room, where a soccer game was going on, livened up the atmosphere.  We had a whole room to ourselves most of the time we were there, and shared it with a crying baby for the rest of the time; this didn’t seem to bother Sarah and I, but Tom was particularly annoyed. Being a former server, crying babies really seem to set him off for some reason.

After two nights worth of rain and mosquito bites (I have about 30) it was no problem convincing Tom and Sarah that it was time to try Priceline, which worked out very well except for the eleven dollar service charge they tack on to the end (include it as part of the bid, you sneaks.)  We asked for a two-star hotel for thirty five bucks (forty six with service charge) in Ithaca and were pleased that it found and booked one immediately.  We finished up and hit the road; Tom was our designated driver.  Once in the hotel, we continued to blog the evening away.


Old Maja Hubbard
6/23/2009 01:32:03 pm

Would like to see a pic of the $35 priceline gem.


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