Hello family,
So right now we're in the car driving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We left Indianapolis this morning, but stopped at the Medical History Museum first. It was pretty interesting. The building was part of an old mental institution where they did testing on different patients with mental diseases. They had all of this autopsy equipment from around the 1890s, I guess the building itself was in operation until 1969 for medical students but not as an institution. Check out their website.

Jeffrey, if you ever go to Indianapolis for any reason you might like this place. The only reason I can imagine you would go to Indianapolis is that you become very rich and are flying to your vacation home in Hawaii - your plane suddenly nosedives and crashes in a field, you are the only survivor. You crawl through the wreckage and break through the door - the sun blinds you for an instant and you throw your arm over your eyes to protect them. You stagger out of the wrecked plane into the field and spot an interstate sign off in the distance, your ankle is badly sprained, but not broken, so you limp slowly towards it in order to find out where you are. You finally get to it, the sweat drips into your eyes but you read the sign - Indianapolis Rt. 64 - Indianapolis! Oh cruel fate! Why did you leave me here! Why not take my life too!

But then! You remember! Many years ago your crazy sister got in a car and drove around the country seeing everything - even - a Medical History Museum with a focus on psychological studies and you realize! Everything happens for a reason. You pull out your cell phone - oh, good service, how lucky - and call 411 to connect you with a cab company. You enjoy the Medical History Museum very much and call your sister to recount the wild ordeal. She feels oddly powerful at the realization that she predicts the future. You stop inviting her for Thanksgiving dinner.

It's a long ride to Grand Rapids.

Until next time family,


P.S. Mom- what's the deal with the texting?

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