Last night I spent awhile planning out an exciting morning for us. I have been to San Francisco before and wanted to show the boys around the town before we headed over to the Outside Lands festival. I plotted out a few famous stops around Ghirardelli Square like Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street and a quick jaunt across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. With all of this to do and a festival to get to in the early afternoon I figured out that waking up around 9:00 would allow us enough time to accomplish it all, so I set my alarm and went to bed.

I woke up abruptly to my phone sounding off. “Joey, wake up, that’s my alarm,” I said as I shook him awake. Joey hauled himself out of bed and headed off to the bathroom and then it hit me- the sound my phone had made was the ringer, not the alarm.

My grandmother has been very sick for a very long time and my dad had called a week or so ago to tell me she was coming to her last days. I checked the missed call on my phone this morning and “home” showed on the screen. I called back and my dad told me my grandmother had passed away in the night.

We were right across the highway from the airport so Joey helped me book a flight for 1:30 in the afternoon and my brother said he’d be there to pick me up in Hartford, CT about 12 hours later.

Joey took me down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and waited with me for the shuttle over to the airport. I boarded the shuttle glad to be going home to be with my family though the reason was a sad one.

So, until Portland, America.

Tom Lichenbergur
12/11/2009 04:38:08 am

Hello, my name is Tom. Out of nowhere I just so happened to stumble upon this "blog" of yours. Blog is a funny word. it rhymes with smog and fog. I also like puppets and various other critters. send me a junk line sometime valentine and clementines. Smish Smash paddy whack give a hooter and holler for the sheepish willoghby's bunt. until next time this is tom lichenbergur signing off to dump.

The Miz
12/11/2009 10:10:14 am


12/17/2009 09:49:09 pm

This is not a surprise to me at all. I was once a quite popular, frequently updated "blog". But then, out of nowhere I was kicked to the curb, just like that one day. All I wanted to be was the most informative, funnest "blog" around. But NO, someone had to stop updating me, just letting me collect dust. And sure the Schwenk vomit video is real funny, but it's been almost a year now, and I am sick of watching a sideways video of the goofball throwing up all over himself. In closing, America in 100 Days blog, I don't care that this is happened to you, you are the son of a gun who replaced me, and it's nice to finally see your chickens come home to roost. They'll probably start a new stupid blog that they'll eventually get sick of too; something with a dumb name like Portland Patriots. But you know what? To me, you're nothing but a bunch of Portland Pinheads.

Samuel P. Rugh
12/18/2009 05:24:40 am



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