Hello America! Just a quick little aside here - I was asking Tom how I make one of our pictures on Flickr into a background on my desktop if I so desired. Currently I have this picture you see here as my background which is a photo Joey snapped while we were driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But say I feel like changing it sometime and putting up a sunset or something? Or for that matter say you feel like making one of our pictures your background to brighten up your cubicle- how would you? Well if you go over to that little sidebar on the right and click on our Flickr link (or just click this link) you can check out a new album I made just now. It’s called Desktop Backgrounds, so if you want, you can have a little piece of America captured by our cameras on your desktop to make you smile everyday. Hurray!

My album has 64 pictures in it, but if you find a picture not in my set that you like never fear! These instructions work for any picture.

What you want to do is:

  1. click on any set you want and then any picture you like best
  2. once you click on the picture you’ll see a little toolbar at the top of the picture.
  3. click on the little magnifying glass button in the middle of this tool bar that says “all sizes”
  4. once you’re here, look up near the top of the screen and you’ll see a toolbar called “Available sizes”
  5. right under the available sizes you’ll see a little floppy disk with the words “Download the (whatever size you selected) size”
  6. download and enjoy!

Until next time America.


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