The other day, I was having a conversation with Miguel, the head chef at the restaurant I call my place of employment. He feigned a conversation with a patron from a party I was working, noting that our holiday season ends after everyone else's is already over. Hit the nail square on the head.
This week, and last week, are both splendid examples of what Miguel was referring to. With so little time left before Christmas and the New Year, people have jampacked my restaurant with parties, get-togethers and other such lucrative activities for a waiter such as myself. Unfortunately, this detracts considerably from my ability to update America in 100 Days as often as I'd like to be able to.
Of course, every thorn has its rose. With all this activity at the restaurant, I've been able to enjoy a surge in my own personal fundraising, which will be quite a boon in preparing for the greatest trip ever conceived. Granted, I have to spend a portion of that money on holiday gifts, and unfortunately, another portion to inspect my car, change its oil and replace its recently deceased, back left tire. But after all that, the trip fund will notice a solid bump.
In the meanwhile, sit tight. I've done a pretty good job giving people something to read on a fairly regular basis, and I will continue to do so. In the meanwhile, make sure to pay close attention to Where We're Going, our trip preview section that continues to grow and improve as we get closer to game day.
That's it for now. More soon.

-Tom Stanley

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