As our trip brings us further west, we're finding ourselves spending a lot more time of the road - due in part to the greater distances between cities. Certainly, after our initial week and a half trekking through the East Coast, from DC to Baltimore to Philly to NYC and finally Boston, it was a welcome change to get into Maine, and finally be able to hear ourselves think.
I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the best days away from home are the ones I spend with nature. Which, of course, is a fantastic outlook for the remainder of the trip, as we coast into places like Carlsbad Caverns, Yellowstone and Yosemite.
In that same spirit, the Huffington Post recently posted a terrific list of ten national parks that many of us aren't yet aware of. One of these parks (Olympic in Washington) is in our itinerary already, and after reading through the list, we just might have to make some room for one or two more. Click here to have a look.

Jason Habalar
8/9/2009 12:44:54 am

I would recommend making more time by taking it away from vegas. The 4 corners area is amazing-Bryce, Zion, and I would go to Arches. There is also a place called Mesa Verde that is an old Indian village built into the sides of a mesa. It is beautiful and amazing.

11/29/2009 01:01:34 pm

This is an amazing site! I love the stories along the way during your journey. Stop by & visit our site & check out our 'Yellowstone' pictures.


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