So when we began our planning for this trip, we mapped out the whole trip to last a mere month, 30 or 31 days or whatever it was at first. We took a step back, and made the inevitable decision to expand that to 100 days. But the whole thing was still just for fun.
Obviously this didn't last long, as evidenced by the amount of time we've spent branding our idea and pushing it here on America in 100 Days. At this point in the scheme of things, once we're on the road and we've abandoned our jobs back home, blogging on this trip will become a full-time job for all of us. Joey and Sarah are on board with writing, and both of them were fortunate enough to obtain video cameras during the recent holiday season.
So I put a little thought into what more we could be doing in order to lend our site a little more punch, and help us to heighten our credibility as serious journalists. And this made me think back to an aspiration of mine for some time, that being to sit down with some appropriately noteworthy people and conduct interviews.
There are a number of people with whom I'd love to have a few moments to speak, not only about who they are and what makes them worth the time, but about their travels in life, and what they would send me off to do if they were to direct any part of our itinerary.
It's just a thought for now. But look forward to its matriculation.

-Tom Stanley

Mondo's husband
1/6/2009 03:24:16 am

I hope that at least one person you request for an interview serves you up a knuckle sandwich.


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