Joey is one of the most fun-loving people I know - otherwise I wouldn't be going on this grand excursion with him. Anyone who knew Joey in college can attest to his propensity for a beverage or two in the evenings after a long day.
But one of Joey's many unusual quirks is his tendency to fall asleep when he should still be partying. This was demonstrated over the weekend during our friend Nancy's birthday celebration at a bar in Bryn Mawr: I showed up after finishing a shift at my restaurant, and had to catch up to everyone else. Joey, however, was already close to the end of his night when I arrived. He stayed as long as I did, but spent a good portion of that time napping at a table with Sarah watching patiently. What a nice girlfriend she is.
This behavior simply will not fly when we're on the road. If that means I have to drive a little extra so that Joey can have his beauty rest in the back seat, then so be it. But for his own sake, it would be a terrible thing for him to sleep through our nightlife travels this summer.
Consider this a public chastising.


2/22/2009 08:49:27 am

i have begun my efforts to work you guys into my compulsively checked website rotation.

2/23/2009 01:51:11 am

Did I just get served?

It will get better when I am not getting up at 6 a.m. every day...

2/26/2009 05:07:22 am

Doesn't joey have another sleeping problem directly related to his 'propensity for a beverage or two in the evenings'?


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