With less than a week before we hit the road, we've done almost everything in our power to plan around every edge of our trip. We've bought supplies, we've done tons of research and whatever else you can think of - all with the end goal of providing you, the readers, with the most immaculate travel publication on the web.
Yesterday, our ability to do so took a big step forward, with the introduction of the Canon PowerShot A1000. This fantastic little piece of work was a collaborative gift from my two roommates, Ian and Dave, and my lovely girlfriend Bernadette. I had levied my concerns over the past few months (apparently in their presence) about my ability to accurately display the power and beauty of the many different sights I will be encountering. My last camera, which was decent (a Nikon Coolpix L6), was unfortunately little more than just that, decent. So with the new equipment on board, and a new tripod on its way to me in the mail, I expect to be taking some amazing photos during this summer-long voyage.

This new camera boasts a 4x zoom lens, 10 megapixel resolution and even manages to correct for shaky hands. This night shot at right came from my front step, with no tripod in sight. Not too bad for a beginner. I should take a moment to thank these three wonderful people for their gift and their generosity. And you, my dear readers, should probably be doing the same, as this new toy will play a major role in your online entertainment for the next few months.

So keep a close eye. The trip starts Sunday. Until then, here's wishing you all a splendid Memorial Day.

(From top) Photo by yum9me courtesy Flickr.com; photo by Tom Stanley
5/25/2009 09:24:34 am

Have a good safe time on your adventure. You should be leaving about now.


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