Today’s a big day. Yesterday was a big day for our country, but today is particularly big for me. Today I bought my first laptop, a sweet Gateway computer with all sorts of trimmings. 3 GB RAM, 2.2 GHz, 160 GM of hard drive space, as well as a webcam, movie editor and 3-year warranty. Ain’t nothing gonna happen to my baby. I’d like to extend a special thank you to my dad, Paul Stanley, for helping me to purchase this wonderful piece of technology. If you see him on his mail route, for god’s sake, leave him alone, but wish him thank you in your thoughts.
This will be making a big difference in the amount of fresh content you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks and months here on America in 100 Days. Until today, every one of my posts on the site have been from someone else’s computer, due mostly to the inevitable crash of my desktop computer, which was purchased for me at the beginning of college by (who else?) my dad. He’s a man who knows a good investment, and I salute him for it.
Now that I have my little excalibur here, I’ll have plenty more smaller opportunities to pop up posts and build on the ever-growing Where We’re Going section. It’ll help me keep organized, allow me to make cool add-ons like the image above, and all in all, make me a much happier writer and traveler.

So get pumped. Plenty more from the three of us on the way.

-Tom Stanley

1/21/2009 01:16:10 pm

Tom, congrats on the new laptop. now all you need a a good digital camera to document your journy visually. you owe it to yourself to take pictrers... lots of em.
anyway best of luck to you all and send me a postcard

Paul Stanley
1/21/2009 09:37:00 pm

Don't you go ruining that thing with porn and Grateful Dead songs son.

1/21/2009 11:26:00 pm

Congrats Tom! I am especially excited about the movie editor. Nice addition.

10/25/2009 02:49:40 am

Well congrats.. waiting for another post from you :)


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