D.C. was awesome! Joey and Tom were speculating on the way out of town about how we must have seen as much in two and a half days there as most tourists see in a week and most residents see in a year… not counting the stuff they can always see like the monuments… and cubicles, they definitely saw more cubicles than we did. Much thanks to Lela and her roommates for letting us sleep (and snore loudly) on their couches, drink beers and blog in their dining room, and shower in their bathroom. 

It was also really awesome to see you, James and Unger! James, sorry we missed the Portrait Gallery, it sounded really cool, but it was great grabbing a beer with you. Unger, awesome job going on a Joey/Tom/Sarah scavenger hunt. I’m really glad I was wearing the official America In 100 Days shirt so you could spot us from wherever it was that you spotted us from. 

So later on D.C.! Nicely done being the first stop. You did not disappoint.

As I write we are quickly approaching Baltimore, Maryland- our ETA is in 10 minutes so I better get posting! Until next time America.  


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