“People run up and down the Art Museum steps all day long, dude.” Tom sort of rolls his eyes after Joey asks if he should take a picture in front of the Rocky statue.
“Yeah, I was sitting across the street waiting for you guys and all these kids in white shirts were running up and down doing the Rocky fist pump at the top of the steps,” Bern tells us.
Joey gets ahead of me on the steps a bit so I kind of jog up the stairs just trying to look like I’m just catching up but secretly giggling to myself, just like Rocky!

We wandered all over the museum floors and by far my favorite rooms were the rooms that looked like the outsides of buildings on the inside of the museum. We walked through a Japanese Teahouse (at right) and a French Cloister and I wished I had a house I could make to look like those displays.

There was also a room full of armor. There were statues of armor clad knights on similarly fashioned horses ready to ride into battle. Long glass cases displayed helmets, chain mail, horses’ helmets, swords - the whole nine. I was star struck by all the crazy battle apparel and unbelievably thankful I do not live in a time where people wear that heavy stuff and fight to the death in the field across from your shack of residence.

After the museum, Joey, Tom, Bern and I headed over to meet up with some of Philly’s finest residents - George, Chris, Sarah and Sam. Tom had arranged for us to go to Rum Bar on Walnut Street, so we all trucked over there after blogging a bit in the living room of George and Sarah’s new house. 
Rum Bar was awesome! I was immediately tickled by the fact that the rum menu looked like a traditional food menu and the food menu looked like the drink list you would see at most places (i.e. the rum menu was huge and the food menu was small- which makes sense - it was a rum bar, after all). Tom took charge of ordering for the three travelers - he got the two of us daiquiris and Joey drank rum on the rocks. He especially enjoyed his Flor de Cana Black Label Five Year ("It knocked my socks off"). We all got a kick out of tasting a little bit of everyone’s different drinks, but soon it was time to use the little pirate’s room (a.k.a. the bathroom). I loved the fact that The Pirate’s Code was covering one whole wall. Nicely done, Rum Bar.

We decided to take our crew next door to the Irish Pub after thoroughly enjoying the food and drinks at Rum Bar. John, our waiter, graciously served us though we were loud and I can only imagine a bit obnoxious. I think he had fun with us though. I told him all about our trip - about how it was day four of one hundred, that we were going everywhere - the whole schpiel. I made him take one of our business cards and took his picture as incentive to check our site - I hope you do John! 
We came back and crashed hard on Sarah and George’s couches. We woke up early and headed out for a really amazing tour of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. More to come on that very soon.

Until next time America.


6/5/2009 11:30:08 am

If your drinking remember the one valuable rule........zip ur lip and anything else that opens

have fun


6/8/2009 06:00:47 am

You summed up philly nicely, although you did leave out one important part; Tom and Bern waking up to my cat peeing on their blanket.


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