I've just learned some terrifying, stomach-churning news, to which I just don't know how to react. In the 100 days and who knows how many different cities we'll be cruising through and around this summer, we won't be crossing paths with the Phillies a single time. Not once.
Oh, we come close a few times - we miss them playing the Mets in New York by a few days, just as we do when they play the Rays and Braves on the road. Literally, two days off of a Braves-Phils game in hostile territory. But alas, it's not to be.
This simply means that as we gallavant from town to town, my choice of drinking establishments will be that much more heavily based on, "Do you have the Phils on TV?"

But on the brighter side, our visit to Boston just happens to coincide with a visit to town by the New York Yankees. That, my friends, will be a sight to see.

-Tom Stanley

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