Count down timer hits zero

Here is another post about yesterday.  Due to technical difficulties is was not posted until today.  Enjoy:

First of all, I wanted to post an overdue “Thanks” to George and Steltz, and everyone who attended our going away party.  This is a good week overdue, but as Sarah explains below, packing was kind of a pain.  In addition to a great spread in their new house (cheese, crackers, ice luge…), there was even a collection taken to pad our road trip bank account.  On the card it read “From Your Deadbeat Friends.”  Hilarious.  Thanks guys.  So far we have spent it on burgers and drinks. 

I had a great time yesterday (at least after 8 a.m.).  We slated the official start of our trip for noon and I was able to grab a screenshot of the moment our countdown timer clicked to zero from our in car internet connection.

Soon after we were walking to “Monument Central, USA.”  We saw so many cool memorials in such a small area, and most icons were organized in such a way as to compliment each other.  See our photos on Flickr for details.  It has been quite a while since I’ve been sightseeing in D.C. and I forgot how clumped together all of the really great outdoor stuff was.

The attractions are all very meaningful and symbolic but there was something that struck me even more.  What I was really excited about was to be outside walking around in the sun for the better part of the day.  D.C. has a great system of sidewalks and walkways and they made the experience incredible.  Everything smelled like leaves and grass; this was such an awesome difference from what I was used to things smelling like in either an office cubicle (sterile) or outside in New Jersey and Southeast PA (bad).  By the end of the day, Sarah and I were talking about how we were out of sore, tired, sun burnt, hungry, thirsty, and in my case sweaty (she tells me girls don’t sweat?), and never felt better.

At the end of a long day, two of my college fraternity buddies, Anthony and James, and Tom’s sister Lela met us for a couple drinks right near Lela’s apartment.  Soon after, I went directly to bed around midnight to get a good 8 hours of sleep on a camping cot.  Right now, I am in the car excited to start it all again.  Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, the connection is too slow to effectively upload from the road.  Be sure to check the Flickr account (link on right).


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