I have a feeling it's going to be a little while before we know exactly how this trip is going to look, and I'll tell you why.
Our outline of city stops have been growing by the day since we started planning for this venture. At this point, we plan to set foot in somewhere around 42 or 43 different states, spending appropriate amounts of time in different cities based on just how much we want to be there, and how much there is to see, and so forth.
But the other day, during our meeting, we threshed out just how long we saw ourselves staying in each individual city, having recently revamped out itinerary. We allotted time in a pretty fair manner, giving as many as three days to important places like New York, New Orleans, Denver... and being realistic about places like Mobile, Al. and the like. I really don't see us spending a huge amount of time there, to be honest.
Anyway, we looked at all our stops from start to finish, and counted up our time. And as of right now, we're at 64 days... 36 short of our allotment.
Believe you me, we didn't come up with this plan, this name and this fantastic logo just to shed more than 1/3 of our trip time. So once again, we've got some significant expanding to do, and I think this might be the point where we start wandering deeper into the wilderness.

The Baby
12/4/2008 09:41:48 pm

Wow. What, are you on some sort of blogging blitz or something?


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