We just finished another exciting planning session.  Sarah wrote up a bunch of descriptions for the WWG (Where We’re Going) section.  Tom spent quite a while formatting them and posted St. Louis and The Twin Cities-and he tells me two more are going up tomorrow morning (when he gets pictures from his computer.)  Go there for short descriptions of what we expect from each city and what attractions that we are the most excited for.  Also new to WWG is the downloadable spreadsheet (more info.)  It offers a more accurate listing of the times and dates we'll be at each location.

If you don’t agree with anything or find an omission, use the comments section on the right sidebar of the home page (this page, man) to give feedback and suggestions.


3/12/2009 01:56:22 am

ahh spreadsheets. There are few things as fantastic. As I've prepared for my upcoming trip, I've made - and remade - so many spreadsheets trying to plan everything out. Eventually, I'm sure, I'll have one that works!


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