In response to Tom’s eating challenge to me, I have been trying to think up a counter challenge that, if accepted, would bestow an equal or greater amount of discomfort upon him.  So far I have fallen a little short, so it’s time to see if you guys have any ideas.  And if the opportunity to compel Tom do something ridiculous isn't enough, there's a prize on top of that.   So warm up those typing hands folks, and let all get ready to watch Tom do something stupid.

1. Nothing dangerous.
2. Nothing that costs too much.  This can be a little flexible if the challenge is really good or funny, but I would have a hard time spending over 100 bucks.  Free gets bonus points.
3. Nothing too far out of the way.  We are going to plenty of places; pick something near any of those.
4. Nothing that takes too long.  If it takes more than a few hours it will be hard to justify the time used on our tight schedule.
5. Submit suggestions as a comment on this post.  If it disappears, Tom probably deleted it.  In that case e-mail me using the info on the “Contact” page.
6. The deadline for submissions is the end of the day next Friday, on 4/24.
7. I will pick the winner and present the challenge after the deadline.  Tom will have no say in deciding.

1. This challenge can be very similar or very different than the one he thought up for me.  It can involve eating, physical activity, humor, something disgusting, or anything else that doesn’t conflict with a rule, so be creative.
2. If you don’t know if it fits the rules, post it and we can decide.
3. Don’t be shy.  Post as many times with as many ideas as you like.
4. Keep it in the “spirit” of the webpage.  Try to make it something that has to do with a specific (or more than one) place.  Remember, this site is all about highlighting different locations and cultures in America.  

The prize:
The person who authors the winning post gets an artifact from the challenge mailed to them.  Depending on the challenge, this might have to be a picture, something that is used for the challenge, a t-shirt from the gift shop where the challenge occurs, or something else to commemorate the victory.  That is… if Tom accepts the challenge presented, which he will if he’s not a huge weenie.


4/18/2009 03:26:05 am

Oyster Eating contest - New Orleans. Nothing is worse than feeling the slippery raw grit slide down your throat - the current eating record is 53 dozen, with a distant second at 31 dozen.

4/19/2009 10:01:28 am

Skydiving dude!

4/20/2009 12:10:51 am

A Where's Waldo style photo at each stop or a photo with a pink flamingo lawn ornament in each place- or perhaps a photo with a lifted lawn ornament to send pictures back to the confused previous owner...?

4/24/2009 03:08:09 am

perhaps digging in to some rocky mountain oysters at any number of fine denver eateries. they are the house specialty at the buckhorn exchange (

Sarah (again...)
4/24/2009 06:21:25 am

The Trapeze School of New York- they give classes to all skill levels- we could watch Tom flying high while we chill on the Santa Monica Pier (its about $75 for two hours)

4/26/2009 11:55:41 am

Tom should have to en equal weight of peeps. I'm not sure where this should be done, perhaps on the road..

4/27/2009 05:12:07 am

Stop at every "worlds largest" attraction you pass.


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