Remember my post about the Excel file that was going to incorporate all the drive times and make planning a cinch?  Here it is in all of its updated glory.  Some notes:

1. The Input area to the right, which can be hidden, is where the name of the city, the arrival time, and the travel time can be entered.  Departure time and travel time are formula driven and can not be edited directly.

2. The travel time is 0:00 before and/or after the Blue Ridge Parkway and Highway 1.  In this case, the travel is the destination and travel time is included in “time in location.”

3. Departure time is rounded down to the last 15 minutes.  Though a good level of planning is important to try to organize anything, I can’t pretend that we know exactly what time we will be leaving or arriving at any given place.  When all the departure times said things like 10:36 PM or 8:12 AM, well… it seemed a little too precise for what we’re planning.

Again, for additional details, see the earlier post linked above.

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2/24/2009 05:25:15 am

you guys should make patches of your logo and sell them, that or t-shirts.

3/17/2009 11:42:59 pm

Hey, guys. Excellent idea and very, very exciting. If I might make a suggestion, though...Being a native of Louisiana, your time would be better spent in and around Lafayette, rather than Baton Rouge. It's at the heart of Cajun country and you'll find a lot more of the unique Louisiana lifestyle there. Baton Rouge has become sort of a waypoint between Lafayette and NO over the years and, other than the capitol building, doesn't offer much you can't find other places. Good luck!


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