I had a conversation with my friend Kelsey (shown here) a few days ago, during which we came to the realization that my visit to New York on June 5-7 just happens to fall on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kelsey leapt into action, formulating his own crazy version of an itinerary for our visit. Frankly, it sounds pretty enticing. 

He said:

"Quick rundown, which you may blog about if you would like, includes friday dinner at johns pizza then to a bar named the blind tiger right across the street. then the gem of the weekend, the boheimian beer garden in astoria queens, the best place on the face of the earth."

This is a very fortunate coincidence for us that the weekend lines up with a visit to a city where Kelsey and so many other friends of ours reside. But in a lot of other instances, that will not be the case. Normal people work between Monday and Friday. We, on the other hand, will be unemployed, with no obligations aside from driving around, having a great time and documenting it here.
But we do have a schedule that requires us to really keep moving. And unfortunately, that means we'll probably end up missing some friends that we'd otherwise enjoy seeing, but have to work during the week (among other possible prior obligations). And while this will upset us, and warrant numerous lamentations in the future of the friends we missed, we're just going to have to suck it up.
Remember that this trip is about discovery, first and foremost. We know who we know and we've had great time with them all. But seeking out new places and meeting new people is the name of the game here. And while it's certainly a boost to the effectiveness of a city visit to have a resident present, it's also going to be a blast for the three of us to find our own way and have our own fun.
For those of you whose hometown we're visiting on a work day, remember this post and take it to heart. We're counting on you to take the day off.

And in case of any future discussions between Joey, Sarah and me on this subject, I'll be referring them back to this post. I'm a stubborn man.


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