Our page views are through the roof today.  A quick analysis by Tom revealed that much of the new traffic is being directed here by StumbleUpon.  Welcome newcomers!  Feel free to check out the What We’re Doing or Who We Are sections for a quick overview.  For a more in depth view have a look at Home (right here) section for blog posts and Where We’re Going for our future travel locations and descriptions.

Make sure to stop back in 74 days to get in on even more action.

And of course, any suggestions or critiques are very welcome.  And I hear that besides the gratitude of three happy travelers, a StumbleUpon thumbs up yields the stumbler large quantities of good karma, a wish of your choice (and you  can wish for more wishes,) and a million dollars.


3/18/2009 09:19:10 am

The first time my pageviews shot up I thought something was wrong when I discovered StumbleUpon. Seems like others have the same experience. Often very quick visits but still good karma.


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