As I explained to Joey and Sarah in an email a few weeks ago, WWG stands for "Where We're Going," the ever-growing section of our website that lists the stops on our itinerary and, eventually, will include writeups for each city and the specific destinations therein.
While I was the guy writing this section during the early going, Sarah has been a trooper and has taken up her pen (keyboard) for a number of her own contributions to the page. Between the two of us, we put up three new posts over the past 24 or so hours - Daytona Beach, Miami and Atlanta. Check them out - not just because we put our blood, sweat and tears into them, but also because they provide our options for itineraries once we get into town. We've overstuffed them with everything we're thinking about seeing on even a remote level, so that once the time somes to narrow things down, we've got everything in front of us, ready to be either circled or crossed off.
So have a look, so that all that work isn't just a waste of time.


2/28/2009 01:39:25 am

So, i've been led to believe that there is something in America called "spring-break." Countless numbers of late night commercials, and television shows assure me this is so.

In Canada it's just march break - but to America? It seems a semi-religious experience. So where will you all be during this time, a few weeks from now?

Living "large" or simply pressing onwards?

2/28/2009 08:26:12 pm

Pressing onward. None of us are in college any more and business doesn't go on spring break, and even if we wanted to take the vacation time we are saving every penny right now. It will be well worth it when we go on "summer break."


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