San Bernardino, Calif. By Sarah Lovelace

Known as “the friendly city” and the “Inland Empire,” this city will prove to be a beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon. San Bernardino has everything from gorgeous forest walks to holding the title as the birthplace of McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Der Weinerschnitzel so we’ll hit up a fast food joint and then feel the burn in our short time here.  

This city’s history begins with the Native Americans who were originally led to this land by the Great Spirit. Ledged has it that the Spirit made the Native Americans aware that this should be where they settle by putting a large arrowhead in the mountainside (shown here). Arrowhead Geological Monument is a natural phenomenon, and has been a source of mystery and intrigue for many through the years. 
Many years later, gold prospectors would find riches in much of California, and San Bernardino was no exception. Holcomb Valley lured in many and fulfilled their dreams of riches but the main gold “vein” has yet to be discovered (maybe we’ll get lucky!).

We will most likely spend our time looking at the natural wonders San Bernardino has to offer. Such places of beauty as the San Bernardino National Forest will surely draw us in and we may enjoy a ride on the Scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byway.
The Rim of the World is a 110-mile route from Cajon Pass to San Gorgonio Pass and we can hike in this area as well. We may want to try our luck on the Devil’s Slide Trail or the Cactus Spring Trail
We may also want to spend some time in the local parks and by lakes such as Lake Gregory and Big Bear Lake, or we could walk around Santa Ana River Trail, or check out Glen Helen Regional Park for a relaxing afternoon. 
Besides these nature walks we may want to check out some of these museums and other sites:

-San Bernardino County Museum (at right)

-Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum

-Lake Silverwood

-Lincoln Memorial Shrine

-California Route 66 Museum

-Asistencia Mission de San Gabriel

All photos courtesy San Bernardino Convention & Visitors Bureau