Savannah, Ga. By Tom Stanley

Cascading joyously down the Atlantic coast from the proper town of Charleston, S.C., we'll cross paths with this jewel of a Southern city for a day and a night. In some ways, it serves as a continuation of our Charleston experience, with a twist. Savannah enjoys similarly gorgeous weather (if not better), a rich history dating back to 1733, and plenty of that good ol' Southern charm. However, I understand Savannah has a touch more mischief up its sleeve, thanks in part to an infusion of fun-loving art students at Savannah College of Art & Design.

As is the case up north (ha) in Charleston, Savannah is home to some stellar architecture and public sculptures and statues, most notably the scene from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The place is just brimming with spectacular, but tasteful, photo ops.. A number of very old plantations and plantation-type houses still stand, many of which are open to the public. And I've had it recommended to me that we should find a park bench and sit on down for a good bout of people-watching. After all, Savannah was the setting for Forrest Gump's famous wait for the bus back in 1994. That particular bench is now housed in the Savannah History Museum, but there are plenty more that will do for our purposes.
While we're in town, we'll be weaving our way through town and occupying ourselves with some local fun and fare. Here are some of our ideas.

-Forsyth Park (at left)

-Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours

-Mercer Williams House Museum

-Lucas Theatre for the Arts

-Planters Tavern

-Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens

-Bloody Marys at Bernie's

-Telfair Museum of Art (at right) and Jepson Center for the Arts

-Savannah Art Works

-Savannah City Market

-Old Fort Jackson

-Savannah's Candy Kitchen

(From top) Photo courtesy of Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau; photo courtesy of Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau; photo by Joe Jansen; photo courtesy of Savannah Convention & Visitors Bureau