Shenandoah National Park By Joey Salvucci

We will be arriving at the park at Sunset, setting up camp, and resting up for an early morning.  There are a few times on this trip where the trip is the destination, and this is one of them. 
Skyline Drive—the 105 mile main road that runs the length of this tall but skinny park—will be our main attraction.  Each lodge, campground, and shop is defined by its name and its mile marker.  The lodges are situated on the tops of Mountains where the best views are, so we may have to jump out at Skyland (mile 41.7), Big Meadows (mile 51.2) or Lewis Mountain (mile 57.5).  We, however, will be staying at one of the three campgrounds with bathrooms and showers along the way: Big Meadows (51.2), Lewis Mountain (57.5), and Loft Mountain (79.5).

We’re coming in with some leisure in our step, as this day is fundamentally intended to position ourselves for a smooth takeoff onto the Blue Ridge Parkway the next day. But we will make a point to visit the Natural Bridge (at right) while we’re nearby for a nice photo op. 
This is sure to be a great way to travel on our great road trip, abandoning highways for a more scenic, leisurely national park, stopping frequently to admire the view, and really enjoying ourselves.

Photos by Joe Jansen