Williamsport, Pa. By Joey Salvucci

Williamsport is a small town that we, frankly, wouldn’t be visiting on our list of iconic cities if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t drive this close to my family without paying them a visit.  The area does, however, have its share of notable history and current events.  In this case its share is one of each.  Here are the items of note if you are ever traveling through.

The Little League World Series is held in Williamsport every year and is quite an impressive event.  These young athletes are the best in the world, and it costs no more to see the game live as it does to watch it on ESPN.  If you're looking for a laid-back sporting experience in mid-August, look no further.

Millionaire’s Row is a throwback to the 1880’s when Williamsport had more millionaires per capita than anyplace else in the world, a result of the thriving logging industry.  Many can be visited now, not as museums, but as offices.  Dental work in a historic landmark, anyone?

If you are in the area looking for a bite, cheesesteaks in Williamsport are some of the best.  They are in a different category than the Philadelphia, and I still haven’t decided which is better.  Whereas dragging a Philly steak through the garden ruins it—their veggies are cut all wrong—a cheesesteak from Joe’s in Loyalsock or from Marino’s on Reach Road is right at home served as a hoagie.  The dressing, shredded lettuce and hot banana peppers enhance rather than distract and bread is always freshly baked from the resturants' pizza dough in the local style.

Photo courtesy Joey Salvucci