Joey, Sarah and I have spend endless amounts of time working to bring you proper coverage of our planning stages, and laying the groundwork for a phenomenal road trip. But we can't claim all the credit for the site as it is today. There are a few key people who are contributing to America in 100 Days, and I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge them.

Joe and Ian Jansen. Joe is a man whose travel bug bite is a very large one. Not long ago, Joe got his hands on a 21-ft. Pleasure Way Plateau-TS Sprinter, which may very well be the coolest RV I've ever seen in my life - with a bed, TV, shower, stove, and every other damn thing thing that makes me super jealous about it. Joe is also an amateur photographer, snapping some of the most fantastic images I've ever seen during his adventures on the road. And we have Joe to thank for images in our writeups for Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Buffalo, as well as many more to come. You can view more of his photos on his Webshots profile.
Ian, Joe's son and my proud roommate for the last year and a half, is a musical whiz, whose escapades with GarageBand have entertained me and many others on plenty of occasions in the past. Ian is putting together a little ditty for our videos, when the time comes for us to begin posting them. We're all very eager to hear what he's got in store.

Eric Perinotti. Eric is a fraternity brother of Joey's from our days at Susquehanna University, and currently works in the art production department of New York Magazine. Aside from being a monster on the guitar, as pictured here, Eric is also a whiz with a computer. He's the man responsible for the all-too-familiar America in 100 Days logo that appears in the upper right hand corner of our home page. Eric was nice enough to do this for us without charging any money, either. All in all, a stand-up guy whose talents we appreciate greatly.

Tom McCarthy. Tommy here is a freshman at Penn State, a man whose technological flair goes a few years into my past, when he fixed a virus-riddled PC for me at the bargain price of $10. Since then, Tommy has advised me on a number of ways to increase traffic and readership here at America in 100 Days. And most recently, he's posted a clever link to our site on his own site, which you can see hereChances are, we'll be requesting his services a few times here and there.

Bear in mind, we still have 103 days until we leave. We still have all kinds of research to do about every city on our itinerary - and we highly encourage your feedback. And once we're on the road, we're going to need all the help along the way that we can get. But kudos to these four fellows, whose efforts are ever so greatly appreciated.


2/17/2009 03:58:03 am

i didnt know my brother was helping out, what?? haha

2/23/2009 02:32:15 am

thanks for the shout-out guys...and the t-shirt.


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