It's time for another quick break from our road trip coverage, to talk about another of our fellow travelers out there in the world. In my never-ending quest to capture the many essences of our trip on camera, I've had some successes and failures from an amateur's standpoint, both of which you've seen here on America in 100 Days. It can be very frustrating when what I see and what the camera sees are two completely different things, and some of the muster of my experience gets lost in translation.

Enter Trey Ratcliff (at left), whose photography blog, Stuck in Customs, features the most extraordinary collection of photographic art that I've ever encountered. Trey uses a method of shooting called HDR, or High Dynamic Range, which allows him to fuse together different exposures of the same scene, creating images like nothing I've ever seen before. Below are a few examples, which you can click to enlarge.

Trey, who is from Austin, Texas, has traveled the country and all over the world, snapping photos of countless incredible scenes along the way. We've featured some of his shots here before, but more to the point, he was recently featured on KXAN, Austin's NBC affiliate, talking about his unique method of photography. Click here to watch the interview.
After you've done that, check out Trey's site at Bookmark it, and every day (after you've checked on our updates here), grab a look at Trey's newest gems. Believe me, it'll make your day just a little brighter.

All photos by Trey Ratcliff courtesy Stuck in Customs
7/21/2009 06:54:59 am

These pictures are amazing dear; I am speechless about the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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