Ha, ha, ha. Joey's sense of humor never ceases to astound me. I'm sure that, after all the work we've done here, and all the joy we've brought to so many of you during the workday (and beyond), we're not about to drop it before we even hit the road.

Quite the contrary, we're pushing forth with a slew of new writeups we've put together in our Where We're Going section. Sarah has surged ahead of me with her writing, having contributed most recently with some notes and ideas about our visits to Cheyenne, Wyo. and Billings, Mont. In the meanwhile, she's left me with some fantastic places to research and summarize for posterity's sake. I had some time recently to put up Baton Rouge, La., our post-New Orleans hangover city, and today, Memphis, Tenn. (shown here), for which I shall be saving my appetite. And lagging in a distant third, Joey generously contributed his second writeup with Shenandoah National Park.
I'd encourage you all to get a look at them, as they're proof that we're not just slacking off for a summer, but actually doing some really important stuff.


Photo by Joe Jansen

4/1/2009 01:59:48 pm

hey guys, BB king blues club looks sweet...

anyway where are you planning staying in nyc? i should be around when you roll by if you want to stay at my place. also i know your planning on going to the beer garden in queens, you should also hit up the Radegast in brooklyn.


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